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Free Fitness Class for Riders

Free Fitness Class for Riders

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What is it about Barrel Racers always getting the short end of the stick? You know... up in slack, bottom of the ground, and one out the money?! Not just at rodeos, but amidst our entire riding career. There seems to be specialized programs, products and partnerships for just about every other professional sport - but us poor barrel racers draw up last when it comes to finding our specific needs met.

All the other timed event athletes in rodeo seem to have personal fitness trainers, physical therapy programs, rehabilitation specialists, and sports medicine booths. But these are not things you hear associated with the barrel racing community that competes at the same level. However...maybe they should be?

After all, we balance on feisty race-bred horses at the pace of a jockey! We take care of our equine like a vet! We condition and train them to have the strength and stamina of a rock star! (All with bags under our eyes, a low fuel light glowing, and a grumbling tummy!)


And we are left to our own independence and grit to figure out our own fitness program?


Barrel racing is unique, and don’t fit into any type of "horse sport" category we can learn from. Track racing jockey's have strict routines for their horses and training programs for their jockeys. English discipline riders have fancy products and support systems for their athletes. The cowboys in the rodeo world have a program to help them stay on top. 


Barrel racers fall somewhere in-between needing the strength of a track jockey, the dressage-like finesse of maneuvering a racehorse, and the pinpoint precision of zeroing in on a cow. 

So are we forgotten about... or is our sport expanding it’s territory on uncharted terrain? For too long the barrel racing community has needed an athletic program that suits the needs of its athletes both human and horse. Something that can optimize the team’s athleticism of jockey and equine to ensure soundness through a structured program.  


This is ground nobody has drug before, in an arena nobody’s been to yet. 


An article on The says,


“It takes careful conditioning and management to keep any racehorse in tip top shape, an ideal conditioning program allows a racehorse to develop strong bones and muscles and good cardiovascular fitness with out over stressing the body. An ideal racing program allows racehorses of all breeds to performs at their peak, remain sound through their racing careers and be real to commence a second career in another discipline."



































As if our sport, similar in nature to racing, wasn’t taxing enough for horses and riders, we are met with stack of issues to solve once we actually start competing. The most unique challenge barrel racers have is the hauling factor. It is not uncommon to have to doctor a horse on the road, curate an extensive pre and post run routine, and administer what ever means necessary to keep their four legged friends truckin'. 


While we are not in the dark about ‘doctoring-in-the-dark’ (plenty of us have stayed up all night with a sore horse) we are still naïve to some options we can learn to use for our benefit. 


Run 2 Win Equine™ has developed a wellness program to keep barrel horses sound, and a ‘sister’ program to help the human athletes get and stay fit for the rodeo trail. 


Rarely do our schedules or personalities set us up well to take a group class like pilates, yoga, or crossfit. Likewise the information we learn in a workout class isn’t going to apply in a technical or practical benefit to the discipline of what a barrel racer needs to perform. 


Winning WarmUPS for Humans and Winning WarmUPS for Horses will challenge you to believe that maybe we haven’t seen the fastest run yet.

Maybe the fastest runs lay in wait inside one of our horses, and we get to be the ones to untap it. Maybe the fastest run we’ve made is only a stepping stone to discovering a more powerful jockey inside of us.

What a privilege it would be to find out.

Winning WarmUPs© will coach you to regain a consistent workout routine with translatable technique for the barrel pattern. 

Winning WarmUPs© will teach you simple techniques, with minimal tools that will keep your horse sound today and on the road. 


Winning WarmUPS© will put the elite in your athlete and teach you to run to win.

























For less than the price of a gym membership you can invest your success on the pattern:


    -become more fit and athletic

    -learn baseline postures that set up correct movement patterns

    -simplify your approach to working out

    -solidify your routine to remain consistently exercising

    -achieve healthier habits of moving, eating, and believing 

    -locate your horse’s ‘dream’ workout buddy and riding partner

For less than the price of an entry fee you can:


    -become confident at keeping your horse sound

    -learn basic assessments to monitor soreness

    -simplify your approach to a pre and post run routine

    -solidify techniques, with and without tool, to promote soundness

    -achieve teaching your horse healthier movement patterns

    -locate a more consistent, confident and reliable equine athlete 

What are you waiting for? This is a fitness routine you can do INSIDE your horse trailer or barn, with wellness techniques you can learn in the seat of the cab of your truck. It is designed by a barrel racer for the barrel racing community - not by someone who doesn’t understand the needs and challenges of our sport. Let’s show them what we are made of - grit and grace at a really fast pace!











Run 2 Win Equine™  has simple programs for you to choose from for your exercise aspirations and athletic goals. You can purchase Winning WarmUPS© for Horses and Humans individually or combined together. You can buy package deals with the specific tools needed for taking your wellness to the next level. You can invest in your health and your horse trusting that your hard work will be worth it.  


Hey Y'all!

Horse Trainer, Movement Coach,
& Steward of Run2Win Equine LLC