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The Application of Circulation, Stability, and Strength

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

It takes years of hard work to make seconds look easy.

Now that we've warmed up we are ready to get rolling. This next portion of the course will focus on how we actually start applying our circulation, stability and strength poses to our workout. The format and flow will be the same, but the positions will become more challenging in the way we have to sustain them from our stable poses. Don't give up! Eventually you will be strong enough to even add more weights, repetitions, and resistance.

Quick Tips:

You can do the 'warm-up' portion aka BREATH through FLAT TIRE poses a few days a week. You don't have to do them daily. You can do them separate from the workout, or do before or after in conjunction with it.

The work-out portion is something you can work up to doing several times a week. Since it is low impact and you can get creative with it, you can stay consistent pretty easily.

Remember if something starts to feel painful, confusing or too challenging, message me for help. When in doubt of anything serious ask your doctor.

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