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Draft Horse Pose

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

The original version of horse power !

How to do:

1. From barrel horse, push ground away

2.Stretch the back upwards

3. Tilt tail bone and crown down

4. Feel hands and knees pressing away

Don't do:

1. Disengage limbs, work solely from back

2. Hunch shoulders into neck/ears

3. Let arms lock

4. Forget to breath or stretch muscles

This is the pose we will build some movements on top of barrel horse pose. We are able to get a really good stretch in the back, spine and hips; thus providing circulation to all these areas. We are able to move from movement to movement with breath as a partner of facilitating the circulation. We work through our center of gravity and stretch different parts of our body. As we lift the back it creates space between our ribs and vertebrae (intercostal and intervertebral) which would otherwise remain restricted, with less oxygenated tissue. The same principles remain as with barrel horse pose, through the active stretch upwards.

Ride and Apply:

With all this stretching, you might have to ditch your body inversion equipment. No more needing to hang upside down from your feet, if you are consistently trying to stretch and align your back in healthy movement patterns. The mobility we gain by supporting a stretch from our crown and tail bone bending toward one another, is not a way we would move in the saddle, but by adding this stretch into our work-out it helps us not be so stiff and stuck in our lower back.

Try it:

Try to set up your phone or mirror on this one. Evaluating where your naturally out of habit want to rest your weight (forward/back/ or to one side) or in one hip) can give your feedback on your posture when you ride. How you default in posture, and how you default in correcting posture will tell you a lot about how you correct movement in the saddle. When you do have to correct any alignment/movement or posture, try to do it from the inside out. Breathing in then out, engaging the core first and then lengthening everything from there is a healthier pattern.

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