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Puddle Pony

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Who knew that levitating over an imaginary body of water could be a full body workout?

How to do:

1. From colt pose, extend out parellel

2. Feel toes lift up and elbows support

3. Feel the core supporting and lifting

4. Feel the back lengthening

Don't do:

1. Pinch the shoulder blade

2. Dip tummy and lower back

3. Sink into hands and lock elbows

4. Forget the quads and hips lifting

This is the pose we will endure as an isometric exercise which will build strength. The most strength it will offer us is mental as well as in our abdominals! The concept of being squarely and symmetrically aligned, come from our Barrel Horse pose. But since we extend our center of gravity over a more vast area, holding it long and low builds the challenge! Many modifications can be made in this position; from dropping the knees only for support, to lifting one leg slightly in the air. The hardest thing about this pose is holding the integrity of it. Start at just 10 seconds and work up in 10 second increments to one full minute.

Ride and Apply:

This is not a position we will do when riding, but it is one that you feel the direct effects of immediately after doing it! Since we are holding the pose after having our body really well circulated, we have the ability to have a really healthy posture to hold. Our core and shoulders will be the parts of the body most challenged. Even after one quick 'puddle pony' session you will be able to feel taller as you sit in the saddle, your core will be engaged, and you will be able to feel your body wanting to make adjustments from the outside in. The more grounded you are in the saddle from your seat bones, the more anchored your cues and augments will be to your horse. Remember that our center of gravity and strength come from the core of us. If we are constantly manipulating the reins or hanging like a monkey on the horn, we are eating rapport not gaining it. The less time we need to process a task because we are fumbling around, is more time saved on the pattern!

Try it:

This is a tough one, so start out in front of a mirror to get immediate feedback of your alignment. If your back is majorly dipping down or your shoulders are humping up, try dropping your knees to your mat for support. Can you do a puddle pony with an upward gaze/focus for a few beats to a song? Can you increase the length of the song, and keep breathing normally? Can you endure through tension without getting completely rigid? Yes, you can! Try it!

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