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Squash Blossom

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come. Pro 31:25

Squash Blossom turquoise jewelry was usually worn for an important purpose, and to display the workmanship of the piece. In a world that will give us a run for our money, we stand up tall knowing our strength and dignity come from with in. If our horse doesn't cower, then neither should we.

How to do:

  1. From breath, let shoulders melt

  2. Fill chest with air, stretch it open

  3. Lengthen neck through crown of head

  4. Feel straight from crown to tailbone

Don't do:

  1. Neglect the breath, breathe shallow

  2. Suck air in clenched neck/shoulder

  3. Forget about the stomach and head

  4. Droop the belt buckle/spine


You can learn to make this posture your 'muscle memory', where you don't have to think about the technique that makes it effective to facility movement. In addition to making it 'second nature' you should also rehearse scanning your body for straightness from head to tail. With each scan in your awareness, breath "into" the tension a full breath, and then let the breath stretch out your body into a straighter frame.

Ride and Apply:

The more we practice and have stable posture, the more we will be able to unconsciously access that pattern in a high pressure run, with out feeling like we are tweaking or yanking our body around. When we have a baseline of our movement come from an activated core and circulated frame, then the rest of the movement from it will flow healthy and strong. Just being in a scrunched posture alone is a 'power predator' pose versus a 'primed and ready partner' position. When we slouch, we automatically are disposed to wresting on the reins because our center of gravity is tipping out of our chest instead of coming from our seat bones! Could your posture alone change your horsemanship and relationship? Absolutely! The more connected and relaxed our bodies coordinate with theirs, the less they will have to brace against us with.

Try it:

Next time you ride...snag a side profile pic or ride in a place to see your reflection.. Do you feel like you ever get sore just on one side or another? See if riding with an adjusted posture of being heavier in your seat and lighter everywhere else effects you. What is your horse's feedback on your posture adjustment.

Check out the side profile grid and view of being seated on the horse. Compared to the vertical line, my spine is pretty straight up through the crown of my head and down through my seat. The horizontal lines show where my weight is. I'm not tilted too far away from that line.

Note the horses posture.

Now look at this posture through the grid. Notice how my spine is curved past each end of the vertical line, and how my head and neck are completely arched forward.

Look at my chest and hips on the horizontal line. Dipping far below level. Note the horses posture.

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