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Strength and Support Series

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

This is a series you can choose to supplement in the regular 30 minute warm up and work out routine. You do not have to add these at all, or even do them every day. However, I believe you will be able to stick with the routine and your body will become ready to be challenged with more than the mat as your only tool!

Massage Ball

The fascia in your feet, sore hips, and tight shoulders will love you for this!

Gently, with your own feel of appropriate body pressure, roll the ball on your body. You can use a back and forth motion across the area that feels tense, tight, stiff or sore. You can hold light to medium pressure in a concentrated area for 30 seconds and then revisit 2 -3 more times in a session. When you roll out make sure you drink water to rehydrate the body and move out the toxins that may have been released from inside the muscles and tissue.

Kinesiology Taping

Your brain and body will love your for this!

Kinesiology Tape (supports Kinesiology) is a great tool to use frequently with few contraindications. After you talk to your chiropractor or physical therapist you can consider the benefits and even start to tape yourself as needed.

The tape can:

Reduce pain, swelling, scar tissue, muscle overuse

Improve muscle contraction, awareness, healing, nerve receptors and posture

Here is a video on the basics of what this stretchy adhesive tool can do for you!


Your horse will love you for practicing with these!

Light weights can have a heavy impact on your fitness goals! These little 2 lb. sand weights are so portable and small they can be taken and used anywhere! You can strap them on for almost any exercise without being impeded or distracted. The amount of endurance that you build just by using these is so useful when needing to ride without having your stamina fade.

My favorite exercise to do with these is movement with the arms. It makes your arms feel light and incredible fluid when you are done with your session on them. Then when you ride, your cues will be a lot more clean and clear in how you ask your horse. I like to try and do this a couple times a week for 10 repetitions in each movement.

Ball Balance

Your horse will love you for practicing on this!

A fitness ball can have an applicable impact on your riding quality with horses! Balls are a little harder to 'tote' around and store, but if you have a place to keep a 55-70cm ball you will see great benefit out of practicing with it. You can practice on this for a variety of different positions and exercises, which will automatically enhance the use of your core and balance.

My favorite exercise to do with these is to loosen the hips and lower back and simulating the reins during a 'run'. Since the ball is soft like a horses back, it'll tell you if your hips tilt too hard or if your balance is thrown way off. Remember that since you are in control of your body, you need to pay attention to the space you use the ball in - you don't want it to squeak out from underneath you and have you bump the ground or hit your head. Movement with the arms.

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